Working at Home during Covid-19

Minimize Distractions: Make an inviting workspace for each of you according to your own tastes that is free from the noisiness of the household. Add items which make you smile – a cute picture of a family vacation, a small plant, a bobble head you can tweak – humor and laughter are great tools to break tension.

Set Goals: Divide your workload into manageable chunks and set a relaxed timetable for accomplishing it. Work for an hour or two, get up and stretch, get a snack, play with the kids or dogs then get back to work.

Balance: It is absolutely true that these are scary times for all of us, and it is more important than ever to balance work with social interaction electronically, Netflix, walking outside, and finding ways to connect that matter to us. Some of my clients are doing remote church services, remote exercise classes, or immersing in an online course they now have time for.

Maintain Social Connection: Yes, we need to isolate physically, but it is important to maintain daily contact with our loved ones electronically or by phone. We are all in this together.

Get help if needed: Reach out to a professional or warm-line or hot-line if need be, all of which are posted on this website under Resources.


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