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Danielle Duran

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT

Danielle holds a Master of Arts in psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy from Chapman University.  Since graduating with honors in 2011, Danielle has treated a wide variety of issues, working hand in hand with the legal and medical communities.  As a licensed psychotherapist, she believes in the power of inner resilience, drawing on each client’s untapped strengths to access healing and wellness.


Danielle is also the Co-founder of My Hybrid Coach, My Hybrid Text, and WellnessWorks Membership – a coordinating product line of comprehensive mental and emotional health resources which can be accessed virtually.  Danielle will soon open Zen Bar Wellness Studios so clients can enjoy services live in person, but with a twist: therapeutic yoga will be thrown into the mix to round out the full suite of services.

Danielle believes in the power of resilience, strength, humor, and self-care in the healing process, and she invites you to join on whatever part of your journey you are on currently.  Whether you are looking for traditional talk therapy, or life coaching, or a virtual combo pack and yoga hybrid – she has you covered.

Please visit for further details on coaching, the therapeutic texting series, WellnessWorks, and Danielle’s unique blend of yoga and therapy.  We look forward to assessing your unique needs and recommending a plan of action for you.  Hope to meet you soon!

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